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The Bunny The Bear

Posted on October/3/2013
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I'm Kelsey. I have dreams. They begin with love, and end in eternal happiness. I believe everyone has potential. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
Lately I have been posting pictures that have to do with the show Skins. So if you like that show, follow me. I always follow back.(:
Here are some more things I love:
Makeup, tattoos, hair, shoes, guns, video games, Newport cigarettes, screamo music, Hollister, piercings, comfy clothes, vintage dresses, photography, friendship, family, cats (especially my kittie), owls, Harry Potter, Disney movies, long walks, Forever 21, dream catchers, writing, books, coffee, smoothies, peanut butter, cake, cotton candy ice cream, pretty jewelry, ruffles, bows, pink, Victoria's Secret, lace; are some of the things I love.
Feel free to add me on Facebook as well:)

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